Sunday, January 2, 2011

for the love of change

im so excited for it to be a new year!! I know now that it is just a flip of the calendar- not nearly as exciting as when I was little (or should I say younger becasue I'm still pretty little...5 foot 1 inch! and proud) and i was CONVINCED the ball in time square dropping would actually drop and crash to the ground. more new years goals maybe tomorrow but for now i'm just excited about my newest change- red hair :) i love using the new year as an excuse for fun change (on the jewish new year i painted my room) so last night i blasted music and dyed my hair. ill post pics later but here are some other pretty hair styles that i'd love to try. i really want my hair a crazy color soon!  i love this girls white and turquoise hair and the pretty easter pink and the 50's styling of the other! my auburn isnt quite as exciting but still fun!!
peace, love and sherbert colors- PIP

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