Wednesday, December 29, 2010

hello blog world !

after months of searching i have finally found a blog site that i am happy with!! this is just lovely. i am thrilled!!!

lets start by making a to-do list, those are my favorite kind of lists! followed by the ones that santa makes and checks twice.

to do on blog! (exclamation for enthusiasm!) AKA- promises that i may or may not keep
1. fill this blog with useful, intelligent, crafty, positive thoughts. i promise to keep this blog complaining free (that doesnt mean ranting free) and hopefully interesting and helpful.
2. blog every day but no more than once a day. i already see this becoming addicting considering its 2:45 am :p
3. blog with purpose. for a long time i thought bloggers were vain people who had too much time on their hands. This MAY be true, but after spending half the year hooked on reading blogs i realized how much they can offer and im so excited to entering this lovely world.
4. why post it poetry? i will post either an original or someone elses poem on post it notes and share them here. why? because i love poetry with all my heart and soul and the most imortant things to me is to make the world love poetry again, (but more on that later)

okay i think thats enough for now. peace, love and excitement!,

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