Thursday, January 13, 2011

Current Inspiration: Lace

hey blog world :) is there anything prettier in the world than lace? im thinkin not! it is both a beautiful word and a beautiful thing!

Monday, January 3, 2011

dear my fellow crafters, i love you, love-PIP

if i were to get any tattoo it would be of this quote- by Tolkein. picture by Katherine Elizabeth- one of my favorite young photographers

2 of my favorite things in this world are people and creating- so i love when holidays roll around and i get excuses to make presents fr people. Here are hand made resin pendants on silk ribbon and chain- with quotes (hope is a thing with feathers-emily dickinson, Well I recommend pleasant from the amazing movie harvey)  my table after i was all done making and wrapping (it would make elves envious) and a beaded dream catcher pendant. so much fun!

peace, love, and crafting

current obsession: glasses

i am absolutely crazy about these glasses, here are some of my other favorites <3
  the first is such a beautifully taken picture, i love the gasses in the next from the above blog!
shes the cutest im gaga over these lolita and owl eye glasses!!
peace love and frames

for the love of tutus

if your ever sad, id suggest a tutu <3 i have way too many!

i adore these pretty pictures <3

so stunning! have you seen black swan yet??
natalie portman is a goddess!
peace, love and tulle

holiday treats! (a little late)

im so excited about this adorable (or adork-able as my dad calls it) little hot dog wallet (ps- im a vegetarian, gotta love the irony-i also got hamburger and sushi earrings :p)  i got for christmas/ hannukah) i also adore this geeky winter sweater i got for free :)
peace love and geek-chic

The most lovely stores in the big apple

these are photos from the stunning Kate's Paperie in NYC. the store has paper and ribbon that makes me drool. i wanted everything in there!! so beautiful!!

i also LOVE the converse store. i adore how there are markers and things to write on all over the store like this cute couch and white sneakers. just added this other picture of my NYC night for fun. i like how it looks like ghosts are coming from the windows :)
peace love and pretties,

Current Inspiration: Ripped Stockings

I have a bad habit of destroying things. Maybe its because I love to create so much, that i need to balance it out- but I just cant help but to take apart everything i get my hands on. The top picture is of my friends stockings that I couldn't resist peeling apart! but then i got completely inspired to write and take photos after so it goes to show you that destruction can be very productive! i love the 2nd photo- so lovely <3

peace, love and little rips

red :)

just a peak at my new hair :)
peace, love and fire



here is a challenge from me: go home, ask your parents and especially your grandparents for old photos. They'll enjoy reminiscing and you may get some really gorgeous old photos and memories from it. 
sighh, people just dont take photos like this anymore! this is my gorgeous grandma and her sisters.
can you just imagine the stories behind these!? it makes my heart flutter to think about it!! plus i love the vintage dresses!!
 these photos inspired me to do a little collage-ing. so fun! :) the title of this one is- they invented lipstick for girls living in a black and white world
everything looks so much prettier in black and white <3
peace, love and film

Current Inspiration: chalk and back boards

i love this little chalk board i have! and this piece of art my sister bought for me with different adjectives and a pace to write in chalk on the top! i think chalk is so beautiful- its color, texture, and the way it leaves dust all over- so magic <3

peace, love and white fingerprints

here is the music video for what I wrote on my chalk board- Lets fall back in love by slow club <3

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Current Inspiration: Oragami cranes and bird cages

I have been crazy about old bird cages for a while now and have always loved oragami cranes but put the two together- and you have the most amazing display I have ever seen! I saw this in a window of grand central and fell in love. I collect little bird cages and right now they just have feathers in them but I can't wait to add some cranes! My freind Molly makes oragami cranes and leaves them all over- in classrooms, in your bag, in the torahs at her temple- everywhere! its so adorable! i love when she comes over and ill find them around my house for days later!
peace, love, and flight

Current Inspiration: Foggy Windows

a few nights ago I went to one of my favorite places in my not very exciting town- the Cubby Hole. It is a coffee house with the most delicious ivory chai tea in the world served in cups the size of fish bowls. It has christmas lights and couches and glow stars on the ceiling and amazing art on the walls and always has perfect music playing. Not to mention it has music open mics and is one of the few places around me with poetry open nights- wonderful <3 These pictures are from outside it, the  windows made beautiful silhouettes and the foggy windows reminded me of angel breath- so inspiring! <3 These are pictures of my beautiful friend laura moe!
peace, love, and finger prints- PIP

for the love of change

im so excited for it to be a new year!! I know now that it is just a flip of the calendar- not nearly as exciting as when I was little (or should I say younger becasue I'm still pretty little...5 foot 1 inch! and proud) and i was CONVINCED the ball in time square dropping would actually drop and crash to the ground. more new years goals maybe tomorrow but for now i'm just excited about my newest change- red hair :) i love using the new year as an excuse for fun change (on the jewish new year i painted my room) so last night i blasted music and dyed my hair. ill post pics later but here are some other pretty hair styles that i'd love to try. i really want my hair a crazy color soon!  i love this girls white and turquoise hair and the pretty easter pink and the 50's styling of the other! my auburn isnt quite as exciting but still fun!!
peace, love and sherbert colors- PIP